Friday, November 27, 2020
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Repair prices

Every instrument needs maintenance every now and then: Tune-up, cleaning and renewing parts. Sometimes an instrument faces an accident and partly goes unplayable or breaks up entirely. Then it is advicable to take your beloved instrument to an experienced luthier. I repair acoustic- and electric stringed instruments. If the instrument feels like there’s something wrong or the playability is not just right, it might be it’s just in need of tune-up. The playability of many new instruments are out of balance already when it comes from the factory to the wholesaler. I’m offering repair and tune-up services with over 15 years of experience in the field of luthiery. I have repaired numerous vintage rarities as well as newer instruments. You can bring your instrument  to my workshop for a free evaluation. Or you can send email (with pics if you like) and ask for an estimate price.



Tune-up: 70 €

incl. changing strings, polishing frets,

cleaning and conditining fretboard ,

intonation and trussrod,

playing action, cleaning electronics.

If you have a Floyd Rose-type bridge the price is 100€

Levelling & polishing frets:  120€

Renewing frets:  starting from 250€

No bindings, rosewood fretboard or equivalent: 250€

Maple fretboard: 330€ inc. touch-up lacquer

with bindings: 290€

Stainless steel frets: +100€

Levelling fretboard when renewing frets:  50€

Bone nut:  60€

Bridge bone norm./compensated: 50€/80€

Re-glueing the bridge: 110€

Crack repair: starting from 110€/crack

Replacing tuners: alk. 30€

Replacing pick-up: 50€+10€/lisämikki

Waxing pick-up: 60€

Pick-up rewinding: 60€

Installing mic/pick-up to an acoustic instrument: starting from 80€

Replacing potentiometer : 30€+10/next pot

Replacing jack:  starting from  20€

Replacing pick-up selector:  starting from 40€

Lacquer finish, body:  starting from 350€

Lacquer finish, neck: starting from 200€

waxing neck 50€, whole instrument 120€

Changing neck profile:  starting from 300€

Installing golpeador to flamenco etc. guitars: 50€


All the prices include Finnish VAT 24%. The prices don’t include parts and can change during evaluation of the condition. Due to the amount of different instruments the final price is determined when I see the instrument.