Friday, November 27, 2020
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Flamenco guitars

Flamenco guitar models

Flamenco blanca

img0017.jpgblanca1 takaThe back and the sides are built from mediterranean cypress. It gives this flamenco guitar model traditional crisp and piercing sound. The bridge is made of brazilian rosewood and it’s about 6mm high. This makes the string height from the top 8mm (+/-1mm)to have a optimal playability for the flamenco right hand techniques. The top is european spruce which gives it when trimmed light a fast attack and powerful sound. Of course there is also Golpeador installed to make the soundboard possible to hit with flmenco techniques. The fretboard is made of black Ebenholtz wood. The neck is made of cedar or mahogany if preferred. The finish is French polish or if preferred by the customer a mix of french polish on top and lacquer the rest.


Flamenco Negra

Negra1 etuNegra1 takaFlamenco Negra includes the same playability than Blanca. The sides and the back of Negra is made of Indian rosewood or some other hardwood like maple.  The hardwoods give it magical depth and sustain compared to Blanca. Negra is also very popular among flamencoplayers. It gives the guitar somewhat more beautiful tone whilst Blanca is more aggressive and midrangey.